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​Welcome Visitors!

​Welcome! That is what you will feel as you visit Bible Baptist Church. We want it to be a place where you will find friendship, fellowship, good preaching, and a place to serve.

We are an old-fashioned, independent, Bible-believing, Bible-preaching Baptist church. We believe that strong families are what is needed to have a strong church, community, and nation! So we emphasize Bible preaching to help people find the answers to life's problems. The Bible has the answers to the issues that face us each day. We seek to preach and practice the things found in the Bible, to live lives that are DISTINCTIVELY CHRISTIAN, and to have God's blessing!

Alan Gardner - Pastor of Bible Baptist Church

Distinctively Christian in ...

  • Our Conviction - Is that the Bible is God's Word and is true!  We believe that the Bible does not contain the word of God but is the very words of God.  So we preach and teach from the KJV Bible without apology believing it is the preserved word of God and the source of all truth and blessing for man today in every area of life.

  • Our Compassion - Is for our community. We wish to share with them the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and help meet the needs of those that God puts in our path.

  • Our Commission - Is that we are committed to world evangelism. We have an annual missions conference to encourage our people to pray, give and go so that others around the world might receive the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Sunday School . . . . . . . . . .9:30 AM

Sunday Morning . . . . . . . .10:30 AM

Sunday Evening  . . . . . . . . .6:00 PM

Wednesday Evening . . . . . .7:00 PM

Nursery Provided at Each Service


We have special services also.


  • Revival services

  • Anniversary Sunday

  • Independence Sunday

Check under events for the information.




(717) 656-7734


Bible Baptist Church

12 West Main Street  Leola, PA 17540


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